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OC Template: NARUTO
by LoneShadowWolf
Template by *Yumiko12345

NARUTO/NARUTO Shippuuden Character Information


Name (last, first): Worufu Shidobu (middle name) Rone (Lone Shadow Wolf)

Nickname(s): Rone or Shadow

Age:  13

Species: half human half Demon

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: straight

Birthday: 6th June

(made up my own village hope that isn't cheating)
Life Story: Used to live in a peaceful hidden village the Shidobu Furame village (Shadow's Flame Village). Someone used a forbidden jutsu on the leader (Shidokage) causing them to go into a mindless killing rage massacring everyone in the Village, with her father killed right in front of her trying to stop the Shidokage from killing her then having killed most of the village but because there were still some people alive the Shidokage used a different forbidden jutsu to turn all of the dead corpses of the villager's into animated corpses that would go around killing everybody till they were destroyed . Rone ran away and ended up at the Village Hidden in the Leaves but before she got there she had to send her demon out to destroy the corpses that had followed her and collapsed from exhaustion in one of the ninja training grounds to be found by team seven during their training.

About Him/Her

Personality:  Comes off as cold to people initially she will warm to a select few or at least make them think she is a friend, after what happened at her village she is unsure who she can trust can be slightly arrogant when she knows she can do something better than whoever is doing it.

Good Habit(s):  Strong fighter, skilled at Ninjutsu and Taijutsu, with a special technique from her village called shadow play for whenever she needs to use Genjutsu.

Bad Habit(s): Does not trust other people, ever since "the incident"does not accept others help does not trust other people.

Like(s): the full moon the night shadows wolves and other animals, sitting outside at night forests and using the shadows to do her bidding (mwhahaha fly my pretties) Eg stealing spying and killing (all in her defence of course)

Dislike(s):  idiots

Hobbies: Hunting down the destroyer of her clan, training to get stronger, reading manga (well everyone has to have something) in secret,

Fear(s):  That everyone will find out that she is part demon and will drive her out and turn her into an exile, more importantly Dying before she kills whoever destroyed her village

Strength(s): Ninjutsu and Taijutsu has a shape shifting demon, that was one of the most powerful in her village that she can have come out and fight beside her in battle, manic energy hard to make fight with emotion so always cool and calm no matter the odds

Weakness(es): Genjutsu except when she uses Shadow Play

Special Powers/Abilities: She can manipulate the Shadows to do whatever she wants them to and can send her demon away to look at things that are in other places and can see through his eyes at whatever he is looking at

Extras: Her shadow demon (mostly in wolf form) Sukaru (Scar) can take on any form and is like a storage holder for all of her excess chakra the more of which he has the more powerful he is and she has a large amount of power and chakra because of her family.

Dreams and Talents

Ambition/Life-long Dream: To kill a certain someone and to try and find any other members of her village that may of survived (there are none)

Occupation/Job:  Ninja (what other job is there?) and Assassin
Family and Friends

Parent(s):   Yūgana Amaterasu Worufu (Mother, deceased) Father: Akuma no ō ga shadōookami (Father, deceased)

Sibling(s): None

Relative(s):  None

Pet(s):  Sukaru but he does not see it that way

Best Friend(s): Sukaru

Friend(s): (after awhile in the Leaf Village) Sasuke, Naruto, Hinata, Kiba/Akamaru, Garra (?)

Crush(es): Eventually Sasuke but a casual thing.

Rival(s): All deceased for own Village

Enemies: Just one person

Ninja Information

Birth Village: Mura kage ni kakurete  (The Village Hidden in the Shadows)

Current Village: The village hidden in the leaves

Rank: Genin

Ninja Status [missing-nin, medical-nin, etc.]:  at heart a Shadow Nin but having to work as a leaf village nin

Are you in the Akatsuki?:  No

Teammates: team 7 Naruto Sasuke and Sakura

Sensei:  Kakashi

Nindo: Kage ga no doko ga anzendesuga... Anata ga sa rete imasen (the Shadows are where I am safe... and you are not)

Chakra Element: Fire, earth Shadows and darkness

Learned Jutsu [jutsu you learned from the Academy or from other people]: Lots of them

Personal Jutsu [jutsu that you have created on your own]:  Urufu no kage no (Wolf Of shadows

Rone's Jutsu

Jutsu # 1

Name: Urufu no kage no (Wolf Of shadows

Handsign(s): Dog, Dragon, Tiger, Serpent, a secret (I'd tell u but then I'd have to kill u)

Description:  It releases all of Rone's chakra giving near limitless power to Sukaru and causeing all of the shadows around to take on wolf forms and attack the opponent tearing them limb from limb.  Is most powerful under a full moon or at a time of day when the shadows are at their longest.

Rank:  A

Range:  can kill a person on one side of the forests of the leaf village from the other side and beyond so there is nowhere to hid

Weapon(s): Kunai, Shurikens, explosion tags, smoke and poison bombs and  Three swords Shidobu Furame sword (shadow flame sword [A family heirloom from demon side{a kantana}] )/ duel blades (broad swords) Moonresusu nigufutsu and Shirentsu deafu (Moonless Night and Silent Death)
Clan: Worufu Shidobu clan

Clan History: Long ago an ancestor made a pact with the king of the demons saying that whenever a child was born to the family with no or a weak shadow one of the shadow demons would be bonded with them and be able to use the persons chakra in return for fighting alongside the person.

Clan Status: all dead bar Rone and one member of her village

Looks and Appearance

Body Type/Looks: Average/Slim, tall-ish. eyes are dark brown (really black) with the white part golden hair: black with a small amount of dark brown in it

Blood Type:  A-

Height: 149 cm

Weight: 45kgs

Everyday Outfit(s): Tends to wear dark clothes such as the picture at the top of the page minus the mask and with a hood on the back and the dual blades strapped to one side and the katana over the back

Mission Outfit(s): Same as everyday minus the blades

Makeup: none

Scent: forest and a hint of wild animal

Hairstyle(s): flowing behind back

Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: A wolf tattoo hidden under clothes on right side of body from leg to neck

Extra Information

Theme Song/Quote: The Ramus In the Shadows or 30 seconds to Mars The Kill (Bury me)

Favorite Food(s):  Chocolate Mousse, Noodle in a cup

Favorite Color(s):  Black as the shadows blue as the midnight sky and red as your blood

Favorite Number(s):  4 7 23 666

Favorite Season(s):  Winter

Favorite Holiday(s):  none

Favorite Time of Day:  midnight


Character Opinions

Good Guys

Team 7

Uzumaki Naruto:  the village hidden in the leaves number one hyperactive knuckle head he is certainly  a knuckle head but is quite stubborn which makes him amusing. He really needs to learn to utilise more of Kyuubi's red charka, I could teach him some tricks that would leave him without competition (smirk) of course he still wouldn't be at my level with a mere kitsunes chakra

Uchiha Sasuke: he is cool and strong but has a lot of arrogance and has yet to realise that he could use other people to increases his own power He and I have something in common in that we both desire revenge so I may help him with Itachi and Before he kills him I could interrogate Itachi to see if he knows anything about my village and its destroyer.

Haruno Sakura:  I find her annoying and too obsessed with Sasuke

Sai:  A good artists from what I have seen

Team 8

Inuzuka Kiba:  Kiba is a cool guy and has some interesting moves

Akamaru:  A good and loyal pup he will be a strong fight (and he has trained the Inuzuka boy well)

Hyuuga Hinata: very shy but a nice girl  

Aburame Shino:  bugs are fine for Reconnaissance... but Shadows are better

Team 10

Nara Shikamaru:  an intelligent daydreamer but an interesting guy, when he is awake

Akimichi Chouji:  One word Jenny Craig, wait thats two words. And a good taste in chips

Yamanaka Ino:  she hates me for some reason

Team Baki/Sand Siblings

Sabaku no Gaara:  Garra is somewhat antisocial but that is not a bad thing and I find him interesting

Sabaku no Kankurou:  A ninja who still fights with puppets Interesting (wow I use interesting a lot in this)

Sabaku no Temari:  is a good companion and a skilled fighter with her fan

Team Gai

Rock Lee:  an ok kid and definitely strong and fast but needs his own wardrobe badly. (break pencil trying to heavily underline badly) and to be banned from wearing that much emerald green and trim his eye brows (I swear he stole Garra's eyebrows  dyed them black then stuck them on himself)

Hyuuga Neji: a decent guy but maybe he should try to create his own destiny rather than follow the one he says is pre-assigned to him I mean how can he follow something that doesn't exist the only thing we can ever know for sure is that we will all die not when not where we only know we will  (shake head) sorry about that I go funny sometimes

TenTen: she has some nice weapons and is skill at using them

Ebisu's Group

Konohamaru:  a nice kid

Udon:  same as Konohamaru

Moegi: Keeps the boys in line an admirable feat


Hatake Kakashi:  a skilled Jōnin and has done quite a job with the sharringan

Yuuhi Kurenai:  is Cool

Sarutobi Asuma:  smoke stack

Umino Iruka:  is cool and good teacher

Baki:  strict

Maitou Gai: "Konoha's Sublime Green Beast of Prey" seriously  he is way to green and youth obsessed

Ebisu:  freaks out way to easily


Morino Ibiki: Looks evil

Mitarashi Anko: She is skilled with snakes

Gekkou Hayate:  really fast but could use a lozenge

Shiranui Genma:  turn the headband around

The Three Legendary Sannin

Jiraiya:  pervert

Orochimaru:  snaked tounged pervert but snakes die if you cut their heads off hmm

Tsunade: very powerful and may be someone to respect if she did not gamble so much

The Kage

Shoudai [First Hokage]:  created a village but the rock face seems a bit arrogant

Nidaime [Second Hokage]:  same as first

Sandaime [Third Hokage]:  powerful old man

Yondaime [Fourth Hokage]:  interesting he actually managed to overcome the Kyuubi

Former Kazekage:  a cruel man

Mizukage:  Which one

Bad Guys


Leader/Pein:  must interrogate all akatsuki members

Konan:  same as Pein

Uchiha Itachi:  same as Pein

Hoshigaki Kisame: shark boy same as Pein

Akasuna no Sasori:  Termites same as Pein

Deidara: I could use some of those birds they are interesting

Hidan: same as Pein

Kakuzu: same as Pein

Tobi:  I know your secret

Zetsu:  plant man same as Pein

Sound Team

Kinuta Dosu: Never met

Abumi Zaku:  Never met

Tsuchi Kin: Never met

Team Kabuto

Yakushi Kabuto:  Grrrr don't like

Tsurugi Misumi: Never met

Akadou Yoroi: Never met

The Sound Five

Jirobou:  Don't care

Kidoumaru: Don't care

Sakon: Don't care

Ukon: Don't care

Tayuya: Don't care

Kaguya Kimimaro: Don't care

Rogue Ninja

Momochi Zabuza: Nice sword

Haku: Loyal to the end
this is a naruto oc I did the template is [link]
the oc belongs to :iconyumiko12345:

the picture I used at the top of the page belongs to Tensai Okamura and is of Hei from Darker than Black
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